Tuesday, November 30, 2004

CT55615- candlestick 1648

I was just looking through the V&A's access to images site when I saw this delftware candlestick made in 1648. (If the link no longer works type the catalogue number into the main search page) It's a fascinating artefact because it was made to replace confiscated Royalist silverware. I quote from the catalogue description:

The English Civil War of 1642-6, though localised in terms of the actual fighting, caused havoc in London and at other strategic places like Oxford. Royalist supporters were obliged to surrender their silver tablewares under threat of penalties and inspections were carried out. City Livery Companies like the Mercers in 1643 were forced to dispose of their treasures and to replace them with similar objects made of wood or delftware. It is probable that the table silver of a wealthy member of the Fishmongers' Company such as William Withers, the first owner of this candlestick, would have suffered the same fate.

You can read more about the civil war here.


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