Wednesday, November 24, 2004

For Thanksgiving Day

(A bit of cross-posting from Early Modern Notes)

Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation
The History of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving History
The First Thanksgiving
Bountiful Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving in Canada
Thanksgiving Day Holiday and the Pilgrims
Thanksgiving Its True History

Blogging Thanksgiving (including recipes!)

A Thanksgiving Lesson
Mince Pies at Thanksgiving
And when the Pilgrims came to Singapore
Wherein I Give Thanks... (contains: a) strong language and b) a picture of the President of the USA being, er, gobbled by a turkey)


Emigrants and Settlers
13 Originals: Founding the American Colonies
Religion in Colonial America
Colonial North America, including:
First Thanksgiving Proclamation
The American Colonist's Library (primary sources)
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic (a lovely online exhibit: if you visit just one link in this post, make it this one)

North America, seventeenth century, holidays


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