Saturday, November 27, 2004

From da Vinci to Moldova

Is there anything fresh to be written about Leonardo da Vinci? Lisa Jardine assesses biographies by Charles Nicholl and Martin Kemp The Guardian

After posting a couple of days ago on some lesser-known Byzantine empresses, I thought I had to put together something on my favourite, Theodora, wife(and spine-stiffener) to Justinian. Philobiblon

The hedonistic excesses of Weimar Berlin were always overshadowed by fear. Lisa Appignanesi on the dangerous allure of cabaret. The Guardian

There was already something surreal about the life from which she walked out to become an artist in 1921. In 1936, Roland Penrose and Herbert Read asked her to exhibit in the International Surrealist Exhibition - the only British woman to show there. She had reservations about being called a surrealist, but remarked on her good fortune in being seen in joint exhibitions in Tokyo, New York and Europe.
The Guardian

The Venerable Bede: The father of English history. BBC Radio 4

In 1992 Moldova experienced a brief but bloody conflict over the territory lying east of the Dnestr River, the region known to Romanian-speakers as Transnistria and to Russian-speakers as Pridnestrov'ia. The thin strip of land, less than 30 kilometers wide and only 4,118 square kilometers in area, had once been part of the Moldovan autonomous republic in the interwar period but was joined with Bessarabia to form the M[oldovan]SSR after the Soviet annexation in 1940. Far Outliers


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