Sunday, November 28, 2004

La Nouvelle France

Since the new Cliopatriarch works in Montreal, I thought I would compile some links related to New France, the French colonies in North America that extended from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

New France/New Horizons is a joint project of Canadian and French archivists (English portal/French portal). It has a searchable database and a summary of archival holdings in Canada and France.

La Nouvelle France: Ressources Française (in French), from the French Cultural Ministry, summarizes history and shows some important primary documents. Here is a manuscript of Jesuit activities.

Musée virtuel de la Nouvelle-France (in French, English portal) describes social history and exploration. The best part is the comprehensive look at educaiton in the colonies.

La Nouvelle France chez Couture (in French) has a chronology and, at the bottome of the page, essays on history and culture.

Tracing the history of New France is a Canadian government website that looks at documents and history.


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