Friday, December 03, 2004

Medieval seals

I just stumbled across a gorgeous site on medieval seals. It is in French, but you don't have to be able to read the language to appreciate the images, and you could even use it to learn new French words, since in the "decrypter" section there is a list of the key elements beside each and clicking on it highlights the relevant bit. So I learnt a bishop's collar is called l'amicte. (Not easy to get into a conversation, but you never know ...)

I should warn, however, that is very high-tech and quite slow-loading even on my broadband connection; I don't think I'd try it with dial-up. ALSO, the actual site is a pop-up, so it you have them blocked, hold down control when clicking on the link above or it won't work.

Found at blitztoire, a French medievalist's blog which looks interesting, although I'll have to be feeling more intelligent than I do at 3am to make a serious effort to read it.


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