Saturday, January 15, 2005

A miscellany

One week for me equals c. 800 emails, I've discovered, by going away and leaving them to collect. But it is worth it, really, for all of the multifaceted gems of links ...

An online journal of very modern history, Genders - "gender and sexuality in relation to social, political, artistic and economic concerns". From "Race, Gender and Terror: The Primitive in 1950s Horror Films", to "Technologies of Race: Special Effects, Fetish, Film, and the Fifteenth Century".

Women's War Work, by Jennie Churchill, 1916, completely accessible on the web, with an introduction and brief biography of her. (And it doesn't just cover the obvious nursing etc ...)

Two articles from 1918 about the Chinese who contributed worked with the Allied forces in France in World War I.

Two sites that archive women's studies syllabi by discipline here and here. And a site that will find you a syllabus about anything. (Well anything that so exists.)

A lovely 15th-century poem about London and lawyers.

Les Spectacles de la foire d'Émile Campardon (1877) (The theatre shows of the fair) Théâtres, Acteurs, Sauteurs et Danseurs de corde Monstres, Géants, Nains, Animaux curieux ou savants, Marionnettes Automates, Figures de cire et Jeux mécaniques des Foires Saint-Germain et Saint-Laurent, des Boulevards et du Palais-Royal depuis 1595 jusqu'à 1791. (There's a great deal in it about the associated crime ...)

CELL 2004 Online Edition of the Workdiaries of Robert Boyle.

American prison conditions in the Eighties and Nineties (and possibly continuing - not sure on that).

Apologies for the lack of credits, but just reading and collecting them took long enough!


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