Sunday, January 02, 2005

Un site dramatique

Théâtres de société: rayonnement du répertoire français entre 1700 et 1799 is a wonderful historical dictionary providing information on much more than simply the theatre. It is also illustrated, so worth a browse even if your French is shaky.

A sample entry: Montalembert, Hôtel de (La Bergère de qualité, du comte? de Montalembert, 24 janvier 1784)“L’hôtel de la rue de la Roquette [voir Clermont qui l’occupa jusqu’à sa mort en 1771] fut acheté par le marquis de Montalembert, maréchal de camp, qui continua la joyeuse vie de son prédécesseur; le théâtre reprit ses représentations privées sur lequel on vit M. de Saint-Georges qui cumulait l’art de l’escrime avec l’art dramatique.” (Capon, 1902, p. 14)

Now if I just had a swish handheld computer or mobile, when wandering around Paris, as I'm planning to do next week, I could look up the history of the places I saw .... mmm. Maybe I can see the point of the technology - you just need the applications to justify it (and of course the funds to support it).

The site is also home to a number of essays and other resources, mostly in French.

P.S. Having posted references to a couple of French-language sites I feel obliged to point out that my French is about as good as you'd expect for someone who scraped through the first year Open University course about this time last year. I can more or less read it with some recourse to a dictionary, speak a little if I have a few seconds to compose the sentence (although with a horrible Australian accent, so I'm told), and almost never understand it when it is spoken to me ... just so no one thinks I'm any sort of resource!

But one of these days I WILL get better at it.

(Via C18-L.)


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